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Too Much Crimson Is Never Enough

Well, what a weekend

First week back at work after a mid-month hiatus, with a new employer, but the same kind of job & work... but enough of that - something far more important happened...

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Magritte Guitar

I Have A Confession To Make...

Having never really been a fan of John Mayer... & in fact, having been a rather opinionated critic of his soft -cock rock, Ben Harper/Jeff Buckley derivative stuff... a couple of years ago, he released the Born & Raised album, while Long-Suffering Partner & I were on our American roadtrip

And I kind of liked it at the time. I put that dowm to the country feel of the album, mixed with the large amount of countryside we were driving through, including Memphis & Nashville

But here we are a couple of years later in Sydney & I find myself willingly listening to the album more often (He's released another album since then, but I don't like it as much)... & to this song in particular:~

L-SP now thinks she's in with a chance to change my mind about Ben Harper & Jack F@%kin' Johnson... but I somehow don't rate her chances

Still Waiting


Seems I'm only here lately when my musical heroes die...

And today it's Doc Neeson of The Angels

For my generation, The Angels & AC/DC were Rock'n'Roll. when either or both of them were on Countdown, it was a good day

Bubble Gun

Dun Renovatin'

Been busy lately...

To categorise:~

Work ~ The curse of the Retail Downturn very nearly struck again about a month ago, with me being called into head office & told that my branch/showroom was being closed down & my position made redundant. Frequent Readers will know that this is a recurring theme in my professional life & this actually makes 3 in a row. The difference this time is that I came out of the meeting with a new role, a kind of pay-rise & a secured future... for the time being.

How... you may well ask?? Well, if a 25-year veteran salesman can't sell himself... When my Showroom closes, I will take up a Marketing/Servicing/General Dogsbody role that will see me more on the road & less in any one location - in fact, they haven't even promised me a desk at Head Office, just that they will find room for me somewhere. Why? To cut a long story short ("Too late!!"), because I told them that there are lots of other things I can do, lots of other skills I have that they may find useful... & they agreed

Home ~ So, with my immediate future secured, it was time to think about re-doing the floors at WaitingManor, while I still had access to staff pricing for carpets & tiles. Cue lots of swatches, samples & fragments being laid on our existing (red) carpet to see what colours would both match & transform a space that has been dominated by 40yr old decor since I moved in, following the death of my grandparents. Could L-SP & I afford it? Well, kind of... & given there's never a 'perfect' time to do these things, we jumped in feet-first, chose a carpet & tile combination that wouldn't break the bank irrevocably, then I secured supply & installation deals through work & the grand adventure began with moving furniture out into the garage ~ some of which hadn't been moved in quite some time. Thank god for friends & their loaned muscle. Once the rooms were cleared, it became clear that other things needed doing as well, including replacing the curtains, which L-SP decided to wash, then reported they'd virtually disintegrated after the layers of dust (which were obviously the only things holding them together) were removed. So, 2 quotes for blinds were obtained & the 2014 New Zealand Holiday fund took a further hit. And let's not even start thinking about re-painting the entire inside of the 'Manor, okay. Not just yet... though it will need to be done.

With carpet & tiles installed, the slow process of re-patriating our combined bits, pieces, trinkets, collectables & general stuff has begun ~ with the avowed intent of cutting down on the sheer amount of dust-gathering CRAP we seem to have accumulated

Damages over the transition period have been minor ~ a computer monitor, the old curtains, some termite-infested skirting boards (don't ask) & some kind of strain/nerve thing to my right shoulder & neck. The carpet had been laid for only about an hour before a magpie managed to defecate on it (Again... don't ask) & the tiles managed about 36 hours before we put some scratches in them while moving the 'fridge back into the kitchen. So all's gone reasonably well... considering

If we ever move, I'm definitely paying top dollar for professional removalists...


Start Them Young

Start Them Young

Still Waiting

Rainy Days...

Waitsing Man

It Was 20 Years Ago Today...

Or some day this year anyway. It just occurred to me that Cathedral Street, the band I was in with a bunch of guys I haven't seen for years, played its last show, made its last demos & broke up around this time in 1994

Some great gigs, some good gigs, some shockers... the sounds of four young~ish guys making a joyful racket

Still Waiting


I Want A Dog

He was in our lives for nine days... Nine action & fun-filled busy days of running, swimming, wrestling, jumping - which is why this photo is blurry

Where can I find one just like him... without stealing him from his owners?

Debtor's Prison

Breaking Radio Silence

Following on from yesterday, which was really just an excuse to share my esteem for the late Paco De Lucia... a 'proper' Journal entry

Of sorts

I've just been reading an article over on the Sydney Morning Herald site about lessons learned from the worst jobs the writer ever had. Having just had a s#!tty day at work, it made me think about all the other jobs I've had that were less-than-ideal & what, if anything, I've learned from them

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To be continued... maybe

Magritte Guitar

Thinning The Crowd

Vale... y Olé... Paco De Lucia

I came late to his flamenco... only discovering him in the late 90s, after having dismissed him as boring years before, after enduring one of the albums he'd recorded with Al Di Meola & John McLaughlin. In hindsight, I think it was Al & John who bored me to yawns. They still do

But friends introduced me to Paco's flamenco & classical recordings & I've been a fan ever since

Still Waiting

Calm Before...

Back to work ~ a new month, a new budget figure to achieve & a busy month ahead, full of responsibilities for functions, an anniversary, a birthday & whatever else finds its way into the schedule

No wonder we took Sunday off, filled up OBluV8's tank & headed north... We went to The Entrance, on the NSW central coast. Mostly because of the pelicans:~


~: who get fed by local volunteers every day at 3.30pm, using fish from a nearby fish'n'chip shop. No chips though...

Afterwards, we took the long way home via Wiseman's Ferry, following the Hawkesbury River along a road I don't think I've travelled since 1989 or so. Peaceful, serene, picturesque & largely devoid of other cars. You can't really ask for much more

Well, okay... you can, but let's not be greedy

Magritte Guitar

A Dream Come True?

Well, as close as a resident of Australia can get to it... The Crimson Projekct are touring here early next year & it's as close to a King Crimson show as you can get without flying to the Americas... or maybe Europe

What we are getting is kind of a triple-header ~ Stick Men, featuring Tony Levin & Pat Mastelotto, both Crimson alumni, will play a set, followed by the Adrian Belew Power Trio, who have toured here before but are no less eagerly welcomed for that, will play a set. Then Belew, Levin & Mastelotto will play as a trio, followed by the two bands combining as a 'Double Trio' for a set of King Crimson material. All up, it's about a three hour gig &, as far as I'm concerned, that will be barely enough

So I'm going to both the Sydney show & the one in Brisbane the next night. Am I excited? Definitely!! Am I a kindasorta tragic fan? Probably... But I don't care. Bugger the expense, I'm getting a $3,000 tax return this month!!!!!

This more than makes up for the disappointment I felt when Adrian Belew dropped out of the Nine Inch Nails touring line-up that's coming to Australia in March... & it almost makes up for the disappointment that the King Crimson tour in late 2014 won't be coming anywhere near our little island

Still Waiting

The Inefficient Design Of The Human Body

Wow... I never want to go through pain like that again

At about 1pm today, I had a sharp pain in my right lower back while I was finishing up at work. Thinking it might just be a strain, I got up from my desk & walked around for a while, shutting up the Showroom as I went, but the pain wouldn't go ~ & didn't feel muscular. Then the first wave of nausea hit. Some retching in the bathroom yielded no result, but I felt a little better. I had an appointment with my Tax Agent, so drove to nearby Brookvale, feeling more pain the longer I sat in the car & more nausea, but felt better when I got out & walked to the Agency. While waaaiiiting there for my appointment, the pain went up a level & now encompassed most of my lower back, so I postponed my appointment, brought forward my meeting with the Loved One & changed the venue to the nearest Medical Centre where, for the first time ever, I saw a doctor straight away. He had me lie on the examination table & palpated my lower abdomen for about 2 seconds before I made him stop... or I'd hurt him back. Suspecting a kidney stone, he wrote a referral & bade the Loved One take me straight to Hospital

The drive to Hospital was hampered by traffic & tourists all over the road, as well as speed humps & potholes, which did me no good at all &, by the time we arrived at Emergency, I was hobbling, sweating, dizzy & nauseous as Hell. Not to mention in quite severe pain. I found it hard to sit in Triage, but standing was, by now, only marginally better. After some vomiting convinced them I was serious, I was admitted & taken through to a bed, where I discovered that lying down was even worse than standing or sitting & the pain hit a new high level. In my delerium, all I could think was I'd make a lousy spy...if I'd known any State secrets, I'd have given them up even before the pain got this bad. After too many repeated questions about my name, date of birth & potential allergies, as well as two failed attempts at an ECG ( I was too tensed with pain to "relax & breathe normally" & writhing with the pain which by now encompassed everything south of the belly-button & north of the thighs), they finally hit me with 2 & a half units of morphine...

Which didn't do too much, so another 2 & a half soon followed. By this time I was convinced the only relief would be via surgery to remove whatever it was, because I knew I was going to explode sooner or later... probably sooner. As the morphine worked its way into my system too damned slowly for my liking, they asked me for a urine sample. Through clenched teeth I said I'd try... soon. As the staff drifted away to other patients, I decided to ignore their advice to not stand up &, with the Loved One's help, rolled off the bed & unsteadily onto my feet. As soon as I did, the pain lessened &, as a bonus, I was able to give them their sample, then remained standing as the pain slowly ebbed away over the next 20 minutes. By the time a disOrderly arrived to take me for a CT scan, I was feeling better, but still a fair way from okay

Eventually they turfed me to a recovery ward for observation & recover is what I did. Quite rapidly actually ~ within thirty minutes I felt like the previous two hours had never happened. What had happened was indeed a kidney stone, accompanied by renal colic. See the entry for kidney stones on Wikipedia for gory details, but I was gleefully told by one of the recovery doctors that it's the closest men come to knowing the pain of childbirth... & she smiled

Did I mention I never want to feel pain like that again...?

Still Waiting

Here For A Good Time...

A phone call from a friend I hadn't spoken to for eight months... & among his comments, a complaint that I hadn't posted anything on LJ since July

A two-edged sword perhaps? If I'd been updating constantly, he may not have called to find out if I was alive. But ~ it's also nice that he's interested enough to read whatever I feel like blathering on about

So, an update of sorts. I'm still employed by the firm that took me on at the start of the year, still enjoying the work & still marvelling that the whole thing hasn't become a nightmare of politics, favouritism, intimidation & survival of the most ruthless. They treat me well, pay me accordingly & are genuinely interested in helping me do my job better. A case in point ~ a couple of months ago they retrenched a co-worker at my branch, even though he'd been out-selling me every month I'd been there. Apparently they 'saw something in me' they didn't see in the other guy. What was that about two-edged swords? It's nice to have people look beyond the spreadsheet, but it makes me nervous about my supposed 'X Factor' & how to live up to my perceived potential. Stress?? Paranoia?? Me??

On the domestic front it's been a quiet year of consolidation rather than excitement. We've both had our heads down replenishing & feeding the bank account & plotting future adventures. The most exciting purchase for me recently was a new tripod for my DSLR... only $50!!

We've still managed to fit in some memorable shows, gigs & events though. Blue Man Group, Calexico, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Einstürzende Neubauten, Tool & some others I'll remember later. A couple of gigs by friends & my own, low-key return to playing live... in a little place next to the Enmore Theatre called the 6th Borough ~ obviously run by a New York Obsessive, as there are only 5 Boroughs in New York (Trivia Quiz - Name the Boroughs). No stage, a little PA & the performance space was in front of the only bathroom, which meant I had to contort myself occasionally to let people through, but the place has its charms nonetheless. I'd play there again & hope to... soon

Reasonably healthy, as far away from wealthy as I've ever been & wise... cracking as always


I'm Auctioning Kids Tonight...

Well, Hell... I know I'm not always first on the block with funny stuff from the internet & even I've seen some of these before, but here they are regardless:~

44 Auto-Correct 'Fails'"

Just because they made me laugh

Waitsing Man

The Movie Meme

Borrowed from chaosvizier, whose answers are funnier than mine... but here we go regardless

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Still Waiting


I like these... I don't have to think of anything to write about...

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Broken English


Long after everyone else obviously has... I've become bored with the daily 'diary' approach I've been taking to LJ for the last few months. Nobody's life is that interesting, least of all mine

Two options... well, three actually. Either I post infrequently but at length about whatever issue gets me worked up enough that I have to rant at the yawning chasm of cyberspace, where most responses will most likely be "LOL" or "TL, DR"

Or, it becomes a psychological dumping ground for whatever randomly-accessed memories my train of thought drives through or to during the day. This may be more entertaining for my Reader, as those memories are usually the kind that elicit a small Janovian primal yelp when my conscious mind realises what it's thinking about & doesn't want to any more. Could also be helpful... or not

Third option is to just stop... & let my Flickr page express things for me ~ a thousand words at a time

Mr Squiggle

Pills... & Bellyaches

Another productive day at work... this could become a habit

Back to Trivia tonight & I don't know if it's the venue, the crowd, or members of our own team... but it's the second time I've had a thumping headache by 8.30pm & can't wait to GTFO

Nurofen... Aspirin...

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