The Waiting Man

Something's Always About To Happen

Living & Dying In 5/4 Time
7 June
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clever comedy, detective fiction, guinness, guitars, king crimson, life's little mysteries, loud music, making music, photography, quiet music, red wines, road trips, the english language, weird world stories.
WaitingMan is a not-so-struggling guitarist of many & myriad tastes. Variously described as "a wasted resource", "the last genX gentleman" & "a man out of step with the times" - he prefers to describe himself as "A cynical realist with a streak of optimism a mile wide". Destined by fate & financial obligations to serve 2 gods (Pan & Mammon), he occupies the outside lane of the mainstream & can be relied on to make sudden diversions into territories so off the track you'll need a compass... & occasionally a thesaurus.

By turns reclusive & effusive, depending on mood, location, or level of sobriety, WaitingMan is at his happiest with good music, good wine & good company... preferably with the following day off.

But then ~ aren't we all?!
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